Frequently Asked Questions

A:The Karma Cup is held the weekend of October 22 & 23, 2016.

Judges Kits pick-up September 30.

The venue is located in downtown Toronto.

A:Anyone 19+ may attend the event.

You must be a licensed Canadian medical cannabis patient (MMAR and MMPR) to judge our cannabis competition.

A: View the Entry Information page for details

All entries must be physically received by September 8, 2015.

A: No. Competitors / Entrants receive free admit-one weekend wristband to the cup, a profile for their entry on our web site, and the chance to win a Karma Cup trophy and bragging rights.

A:We will be judging both bud, hash and edibles.

Competitors may enter up to two entries per category, except Edible, where the competitor may enter one (1).

The BUD categories are:

  1. Indica,
  2. Sativa,
  3. Hybrid
  4. Bio/Organic
  5. CBD

The Concentrate / Hash categories are:

  1. Solvent-less,
  2. Budder/Wax,
  3. Shatter – Indica (Dominant)
  4. Shatter – Hybrid
  5. Shatter – Sativa (Dominant)
  6. THC Distillate
  7. Disposable Pen / Cartridge

Edibles: 1 Edible Max. 100mg THC maximum per dose. No labels or identifying marks.

Topical: No labels or identifying marks.


  1. Functional Glass

A:Choose beautiful bud close to 1g. Clean-up the bud to your desired level of trim.  We are weighing the samples and packaging into 1g samples, but will not clean up or make the sample “look good”. If your entry has a lot of stick or bottom, please over weigh. Carefully, vac/seal/contain the  package to ensure the entry retains maximum visual and medicinal value or get “bruised”. DO NOT OVERSEAL! Package the “display bud” in a separate container/bag.

A: All concentrate / extract entries must be broken-down and packaged into individual parchment or PTFE folds. 190 x .15g + 2x 1g.

A: Fill out the Judges Application form. We will contact those people chosen to be judges, and allow  the opportunity to buy tickets. Judges will be contacted in late July.

A: Judges Passes include: Admit 1 to all official The Karma Cup events, Judges Sample Bag and Swag Bag.

A: Judges Kits and Swag Bags will be available September 30, 2016 in downtown Toronto.

A: Entries will be accepted from August 28 to September 8, 2016.

All entries must be physically received by September 8. No Special meet-ups. No exceptions.

Intake appointment must be pre-arranged.


A: Each competitor may enter a maximum of 2 entires in all category, except edible. Edible category is a maximum of 1 entry per competitor.

A: Edibles entries limited to 100mg. All Entries must be shelf stable for 6 weeks or more. One entry allowed in the edible category.

A: Judge must respond to a minimum of 75% of the category to have that categories votes count. Judges must evaluate all categories. One lucky judge who fulfills their judging duties will win a special, valuable prize. Judges who do not complete their duties will not be eligible to judge subsequent competitions.

A: Yes your entry can be rejected for any reason, without explanation.

A: Yes, entries which fail the QA screen will be disqualified. The entry will not be evaluated by judges.

A: Entry Amount for Bud 200g, Concentrates / Hash 30.5g (Pre-divided into 190 x .15 & 2 x 1g), Edible / Topical /  Vape Cartridge x 192 pieces,  1 piece of functional glass (returned after competition COD mail).

A: Entry must meet or exceed entry amount, or face disqualification. Calibrate your scale, and or seek another scales opinion. Due to logistics and fairness concerns I cannot allow anyone to top-up their entry if its under-weight.

A: Extracts/Concentrates must be pre-divided into 190 x 0.15g & 2 x 1g parchment/ptfe folds or other approved method of dividing the samples. No exceptions.

A: Edible and Topical must be in packages without labels. Each piece should be in a bag or packaged so that we can apply a 2”x3″ label.

A: Glass entires, Trophies, and Prizes to be sent back to the artist COD.

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