A Cannabis PartyUnlike Any Other

The Awards Ceremony

The anticipation will have you on the edge of your seat. We announce the winners of The Karma Cup on our festival stage on Sunday Afternoon around 3pm. The awards ceremony will be broadcast live on our Facebook page. 

Sesh with Us

The Karma Cup is a GREEN-Pride event, created by stoners for stoners. Whats the point of a weed event without weed?? Forget those boring dry events where you cant cosnume. We allow consumption throughout our event.

Interact with your Favorite Brands

Many of Canada’s top brands, growers and producers will be attending.

Art, Music & Glass Blowing

We have live music and art demos by amazing Canadian artists.

Hangout, Sesh & Awards Ceremony

Huge sesh area near entertainment and music areas. Consume with old and new freinds. Show-off your best buds, and prodcuts. 

Karma Newsletter

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Company Profiles

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Community Engagement

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