Best Heady Glass #2

Best Heady Glass #2

  • Name of Piece

    Errlectric Raygun

  • Description

    A unique take on the Raygun, this ones made specifically to host the Errlectric nail. I made it to use at functions/events and shows with the intention of it being handled by a ‘DabTender’ who would proceed to shoot attendees in the face with a dab.
    It is always an attention getter with a few accents that make you keep looking inside the gun at unseen swirls of color. The inside components are made with ‘Fire’ theme colors, with the external components holding a theme of ‘Air’ colors.
    The 2 ball sections help control splash and percolation as well as offering negative internal spaces making it an easier and smother draw.

    I made this Raygun late 2014 and it is still to date, one of my favorites.

  • Category

    Best Heady Glass

  • Place

    4th Place

  • Year Produced


  • Collaboration


  • MSRP

    NOT FOR SALE – MSRP $450