About The Karma Cup

Welcome to this exciting time in Canadian Cannabis history. We are poised on the brink of a new era for our beloved plant! To usher in this new era we present the newly expanded Karma Cup.

The Karma Cup was founded in 2014 by Sarah Sunday, to create a Cannabis-Positive space for growers, producers, business owners, industry experts and their fans to congregate and judge the country best cannabis and cannabis products on an even playing field.

Value, Fun, Integrity, Positively, Truthfulness, and Quality are the ideals to which we aspire. Together we can create a positive future for our Industry.

We value an event that allows patients to medicate in festival areas, elite competition which raises industry standards, and pride in our products and culture.

Due to overwhelming community demand we have re-created The Karma Cup as a Cannabis Festival and Industry Trade Show.

The 9th Annual Karma Cup will include live music and DJ’s,  exhibit booths, speakers,  awards ceremony,  plus notable Canadian cannabis legends as surprise guests.

Please join us, be a part of Canada’s Largest ticketed Cannabis-Pride Festival. Our event is scheduled to occur September 10th & 11th.  We have created four unique sponsorship levels, three types of booth space. We invite you to contact us, to explore how we can customize your experience and deliver the value that your brand needs.

Be Well,
Sarah Sunday

Contact us by mail:

75 First St. Suite 258

Orangeville, ON

L9W 5B6

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