Compete For More Than Good Karma

How To Compete In Our Cannabis Cup

You can’t win if you don’t enter. Think you’re brand has what it takes?

Competing brands submit products to be assessed by our hand-picked panel of cannabis industry professionals at our Karma Cup Sample Sesh Events”. These judges will intensely scrutinize a variety of samples to determine which products qualify to become finalists. All categories will have 7 finalists who will be included in the final Judging Kits that go to the OCS and authorized retailers.

Benefits Of Competing

Judges Demographics

Learn more about who our judges are. Our judging panels have always been a diverse representation of the most passionate and knowledgable cannabis consumers in the country.

High Level Sample Summaries

Get quantitative data from real judges’ reviews. This beyond a focus group, this is a hand selected collection of the top thought leaders and influencers in Canada’s cannabis industry today. Blind tasting at our cannabis cup ensures you receive objective data on how people perceive your products.

Opportunities For Our Finalist

5,000 Judges

Your product will be tasted, tested, and reviewed by 5,000 real cannabis users.


Your brand(s) will be promoted through all of Karma Cups network of marketing. This includes 1000s of social followers, an email list of over 3,000 legacy consumers, and aggressive trade marketing campaigns.

Social Sharing

We will share important communications from your company with our network of cannabis consumers and professionals. Launching a new campaign? We’ll help boost your reach.

Rewards & Benefits For Winners

Special Winner's Mark

Available to any products that place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any given category.

Get Highlighted

Winning products will receive special brand profiles on Karma’s website, social media, and newsletter marketing.

Digital Assets

Support your victory with Karma Cup themed digital assets designed using art from Roger Beck

Handmade Trophies

Our functional glass trophies are handblown by local glass artists. A trophy from the Karma Cup is an established mark of elite cannabis producers that is recognized across the country.

ROIs Of Competing

Competing and being selected for our final judging kits offers great ROI for your brand, regardless of if you win the cup. Want to chat about it? Let’s schedule a time to talk!

Our UniqueTrophies

Functional Glass

Hand Blow Craftsmanship

How Can You Get Involved?


Passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable judges committed to promoting Canadian cannabis quality and culture.


Authorized licensed cannabis retailers in Ontario now have the opportunity to showcase their ability to educate their consumers and promote more than THC percentages.


Showcasing products in our Cup shows a dedication to quality and allows LPs to gain valuable exposure for their brands.