The Karma Cup announces the launch of Sarah's Stash curated flowers!!

Previous Release Head Hunter

Sarah’s Stash first release is Head Hunter, an Indica dominant flower with an impressive award winning lineage.

Over the years Sarah has come across a lot of flowers in her travels around the world. One of her favourite strains has always been the iconic Soma Lavender aka Soma #10. The first time Sarah smoked Head Hunter she got flashbacks to Soma Lavender. The intense sweet lavender bouquet of Head Hunter is something to behold. She discovered that former legacy growers Sublime Culture were growing elite cuts of Head Hunter from award winning geneticists Tiki Madman and she made her move to launch Head Hunter as her genesis release of Sarah’s Stash. Join us on Sarah’s journey through the Canadian cannabis landscape.

Sarah Sunday

The Karma Cup founder & Sarah’s Stash cannabis curator
  • A lovely functional stone  
  • Clean flavour, smooth burn
  • Nice resin line with nice ash
  • Heady enough to get work done
  • No anxiousness, non distracting
  • Nice dense flowers expertly trimmed
  • Hand selected and hand packaged
  • Beautiful Lavender aroma, very terpy

Sarah’s (actual) Notes:

🌱 Head Hunter 🌱

Pablo’s Revenge X Ice Cream Cake back crossed to perfection.

Head Hunter was grown by Sublime Culture using legendary Tiki Madman Genetics.

Pablo’s Revenge comes from award winning lineage of Animal Mints and Sherb Cake while the Ice Cream Cake side comes from another award winning lineage of Wedding Cake and Sherbinski’s legendary Gelato #33.

We are talking about some world class cultivars here.

Head Hunter coming in just over 22% THC will lift you, energize you with a clear mind and light up your nose with its impressive terpene profile.

 Available in stores first week of November 

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Ordering Details for Retail Stores

Flow-Through #105315_3.5_ _ _   

12x 3.5g bags per case
(limited inventory available)

Retail cannabis stores now have the ability to order and sell retail exclusive products that are not available to the general public thru These exclusive products will help establish your shop, drive additional traffic to you, and allow you to provide signature strains curated for your clientele. This is a huge opportunity for stores to build a dedicated community by curating some of the best brands available.

OCS Flow-Through Process:

 Order Sarah’s Stash in the OCS Flow-Through under The Karma Cup: Flower>Dried Flower>Whole Flower on (12x 3.5g bags per case)

 OCS confirms all Flow-Through orders on Friday and submits their order to us.

 We ship their order to OCS on behalf of the participating exclusive retailers.

 OCS ships your order to your store and you’re ready to offer your customers exciting, limited edition, top cultivar curated flowers that are not available to the general public.