So You Think You’re Elite? Enter Our Cup And Show It

For the first time, The Karma Cup is judging legal recreational cannabis. This thrilling change in our competition will now allow licensed producers to compete.

Our Cup is the perfect platform to showcase your products and gain valuable exposure. Competitors can connect with passionate consumers and compete in a prestigious competition.

To enter, complete the application below to get in touch! Enter your products in one of our categories, including:

  •  Sativa Flower
  • Hybrid Flower
  • Indica Flower
  • Pre-rolls



Long Medico

How Can You Get Involved?


Passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable judges committed to promoting Canadian cannabis quality and culture.


Authorized licensed cannabis retailers in Ontario now have the opportunity to showcase their ability to educate their consumers and promote more than THC percentages.


Showcasing products in our Cup shows a dedication to quality and allows LPs to gain valuable exposure for their brands.