Beyond The Percentages


Cannabis Is So Much More Than COAs

In a numbers-obsessed world, it’s easy to understand why so many people think cannabinoid percentages define quality.  Combine that with lazy marketing, and consumers are left with no real guidance on how to appreciate cannabis, beyond the Certificate of Analysis.  

That all changes now…

Host the Perfect Canada Day Party with The Karma Cup’s 2023 Judging Kits: A Complete Guide

Looking for a unique way to celebrate Canada Day 2023? Dive into our comprehensive guide on hosting a Karma Cup Judging Kit Party. Learn about this interactive cannabis experience that adds a twist to traditional celebrations, bringing friends closer while sparking intriguing discussions. Discover how to plan the perfect party ambiance, food, music, and more. Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or simply open to new experiences, explore how a Karma Cup Party can add a new dimension of joy to your Canada Day celebrations.

Behind the Smoke: An Insider’s Look at the Karma Cup Cannabis Competition Scoring System

An Insider's Look at the Karma Cup Scoring System Our "Beyond The Percentages" Blog is back to cover more about how we approach cannabis quality assessment here at the Karma Cup. Last Week we learned about our Sample Sesh events which determined the 28 finalists that...

Karma Cup “Sample Sesh”: We Smoked A LOT Of Weed To Find You This Year’s 28 Finalists

The 2023 Karma Cup "Sample Sesh": We Smoked A LOT Of Weed To Find You This Year's 28 FinalistsThe Karma Cup is amongst the most anticipated cannabis events in Canada every year. The Cup started as a competition that looked to award Canada's top cannabis producers....

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