What’s In The Judging Kits For The 10th Karma Cup?

2023 Judging Kits

Unlike past years, our 10th annual Judging Kits are being sold by category. Soon we’ll have 4 Judging kits available through the OCS and licensed retailers across Ontario. Each Judging Kit contains 7 x 1 Gram samples.
The four categories up for grabs this year are:

Indica Bud

Hybrid Bud

Sativa Bud


*All Judging Kits are sold separately.

Discover the Ultimate Cannabis Experiencewith Karma Cup Judging Kits!

Get ready to elevate your cannabis adventure with our exclusive Karma Cup Judging Kits! Join the Ontario’s first unbiased recreational cannabis competition and become an essential part of the fun. Unleash your inner cannabis connoisseur, and taste, evaluate, and vote for and crown the winners.

Each Karma Cup Judging Kit is packed with excitement:

  • Dive into a carefully curated selection of the finest cannabis products from the following categories: Bud Indica, Bud Hybrid, Bud Sativa, and Pre-Roll.
  • Explore seven blind samples (1 gram each) that guarantee an unbiased evaluation of each contender.
  • Gain access to our exclusive Judges Portal using a unique Proof of Purchase code, where you’ll submit your ratings and cast your votes.
  • Follow our guidelines to evaluate each sample on visual appeal aroma, flavor, appearance, burn, effects and more.
  • Download a souvenir Karma Cup Judges Pass graphic to remember your fun experience and involvement in this historic event.

By joining the ranks of our esteemed judges, you’ll uncover exceptional strains and products from top growers and producers while celebrating cannabis excellence. Be a part of shaping the future of the cannabis industry in Ontario.

Don’t miss out on the limited quantities of our Karma Cup Judging Kits! Grab yours today, and let your voice be heard!

“Biggest news of the Year! The Karma Cup is coming to the Legal Market!”


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Learn How The 7 Grams In Each Kit Was Chosen…

We held two “Sample Sesh” events where industry professionals and cannabis connoisseurs selected the top 28 products out of nearly 100 entrants.

Why Choose the Karma Cup Judging Kit


Play an essential role in the most prestigious cannabis competition.

Discover strains and products from top Canadian growers and producers.

Develop and refine your cannabis connoisseur skills.

Enjoy the competition in the comfort of your own home, with your friends.

Where To Buy Judging Kits?

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How Can You Get Involved?


Passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable judges committed to promoting Canadian cannabis quality and culture.


Authorized licensed cannabis retailers in Ontario now have the opportunity to showcase their ability to educate their consumers and promote more than THC percentages.


Showcasing products in our Cup shows a dedication to quality and allows LPs to gain valuable exposure for their brands.