Canada's Longest Running Cannabis Cup

A Timeline Of The Karma Cup

For ten years, our cup has been showcasing cannabis innovation, creativity, and quality. From humble beginnings, we’ve evolved into a cornerstone of the industry. On this page, we’ll highlight the key moments and achievements that have made us what we are today.


The first Karma Cup. A Private Party at the Clandestine House. 80 judges were present and it was a big success. A total of 79 entries were received, which was a record number for cannabis cups in Canada.


2015 2nd Annual Karma Cup - Held at Vapor Central & Planet Paradise - Private Parties. Huge Success. 110+ entries. 150 judges.

2016 - 2017

Our 3rd & 4th Annual Karma Cups - Our First Festivals by Public Demand! Both Years Saw 130+ entries and over 200 judges


Still our biggest festival to date. Took place 1 month before cannabis legalization and amplified by the year's Toronto International Film Festival


The First Karma Cup held with legal cannabis in Canada. Licensed Producers were featured as sponsors and exhibitors for the first time.


Our First "Virtual" Karma Cups


2022 9th Annual Karma Cup - First Festival After Covid. Largest Venue To Date. Featured 110+ Entries & Multiple Licensed Producers


10th Annual Karma Cup - Recreational Market Launch in Ontario


Sarah's Stash Indica Flower Selection Released

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Our Values

We value fun, objectivity, and fairness. Everything we do is led by our desire to have a better cannabis industry in Canada.

Our History

Our legacy-to-legal story began in 2014 and has grown to become a legendary force in cannabis. For a decade we’ve been uniting industry and enthusiasts to celebrate cannabis.

Our Team

We are female-founded, and have been committed to promoting a vibrant and diverse Cannabis industry from the very beginning.