Long-Weekend Weed Tasting With Friends: A Complete Guide to Hosting the Perfect Cannabis-Themed Canada Day Party

Ever thought about hosting a weed-tasting party? You probably have at least once but what does a weed-tasting party even look like? What does somebody serve at a party like this? How can you make sure the tasting is taken seriously but still stays fun for you and your friends?

That’s where the 2023 Karma Cup Judging Kits come in! We’ll dive into the world of the Karma Cup Judging Kits, exploring what’s inside and how they can enhance your weed-tasting weekend.

This blog post will guide you through the process of hosting a weed tasting party that’s not just fun, but also sophisticated and educational. From understanding the nuances of different products to appreciating the art of pairing weed with food and activities, this guide has got you covered.

The Benefits of a Karma Cup Judging Kit Party

Celebrating Canada Day with a Karma Cup Judging Kit Party is unique and fun. It’s a different kind of joy compared to conventional celebrations, one that promises new discoveries and shared experiences.

Building Stronger Friendships

Sharing new experiences brings people closer. A Karma Cup Judging Kit Party offers a shared experience that is unique and fun. It’s not just a party; it’s an adventure you embark on together.

Discovering New Experiences

Cannabis is a complex and fascinating plant, with each strain offering a unique experience. A Karma Cup Judging Kit Party lets you and your friends explore this variety, uncover new favourites, and deepen your appreciation of cannabis.

Alcohol-Free Fun

Opting for a cannabis-themed party instead of the usual alcohol-fueled gatherings has its own advantages. For one, it spares you and your friends the dreaded hangover. Instead of nursing a pounding headache the next morning, you wake up fresh and hangover-free, ready to enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

Karma Cup Judging Kits Intro

What is a Karma Cup Judging Kit?

The Karma Cup is an annual competition loved by cannabis enthusiasts across Canada. It’s where the finest cannabis strains compete for the trophy and recognition as the “best” product in their category. The Karma Cup Judging Kit is your personal gate pass to this world-class competition. Each kit is filled with 7 different cannabis strains. Kits are divided by various categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, and Pre-rolls.

How a Karma Cup Judging Kit Works

As the host of the Karma Cup Judging Kit Party, you and your friends are the judges for The Karma Cup 2023. Each of you gets to sample, examine, and rate the cannabis strains based on aroma, taste, and effects. Each Kit allows for one score submission so you’ll need to all come to a consensus or submit the average between all your votes.

Judges submit their scores online here.

Planning Your Karma Cup Judging Kit Party

Set the Right Ambiance

Creating the right ambiance for your Karma Cup Judging Party is essential to ensure that your guests feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready for fun-filled cannabis discovery. The ambiance includes various elements like the location of the party, the décor, music, lighting, and even the scent in the room.


Choose a location that is comfortable and relaxing. This could be your living room, backyard, or even a rented cabin in the woods for a more intimate experience. Make sure the seating arrangement allows for conversation and interaction. A circle or semi-circle arrangement often works best as it allows everyone to see and hear each other, fostering a shared experience.


Decorating your party venue is key to setting the mood and theme. Embrace the spirit of Canada Day by choosing red and white decorations – a nod to the Canadian flag. You could use red and white tablecloths, balloons, and streamers for a festive look.

Intertwine this with subtle cannabis-themed decorations. Consider using green accents, like green cushions or rugs, to represent cannabis. You could also use cannabis leaf motifs in your decorations – perhaps a centrepiece with a tasteful cannabis leaf design. 

Moreover, for an engaging touch, you can add posters or charts depicting different cannabis strains, their effects, and their benefits. This not only enhances the décor but also adds an educational component to the party.


The right music can significantly enhance the mood of the party. Choose a playlist that reflects the relaxed, exploratory nature of the event. Genres like reggae or chill electronic music work well for a cannabis-themed party. But it’s important to match the music with the preferences of your friends. So, feel free to experiment until you find the perfect soundtrack for your party. Better yet, encourage your guests to add to your playlist que.


Lighting is a powerful tool to create the desired atmosphere. Avoid harsh lighting. Instead, opt for soft, warm lights to create a cozy and welcoming ambiance. String lights, fairy lights, and dimmable lamps can add a charming glow to your party venue. Candlelight can also add to the relaxed vibe. However, safety is paramount – ensure that any candles are safely positioned and never left unattended.


A pleasant aroma can significantly elevate the ambiance. Consider using cannabis-scented candles or incense to subtly infuse the party with the fragrance of cannabis. Alternatively, a diffuser with essential oils like lavender or vanilla can provide a soothing backdrop to your cannabis discovery journey. Don’t over-do the scent though, it shouldn’t effect your ability to smell the cannabis entries fairly.

Choose the Right Friends

The joy of a Karma Cup Judging Kit Party lies in shared experiences. The cannabis is indeed important, but it’s the camaraderie, the heated debates over different strains, and the joy of discovery that make the party truly special. So, invite friends who are open to new experiences, and share your enthusiasm for cannabis.

Food & Drinks

Every great party hinges on delicious food and refreshing drinks. While planning the menu, consider the fact that cannabis can enhance taste perception, making flavours more pronounced. Use this to your advantage and prepare a spread of delicacies that your friends will remember long after the party ends.

Maple-Glazed Bacon Bites Recipe:

Here’s a quick recipe that incorporates Canadian flavour and is perfect for any cannabis-themed party: Maple-Glazed Bacon Bites that work at any time of day or night. Don’t forget to serve a variety of refreshing drinks and ensure that water is readily available. 


  • 1 lb Thick-cut Bacon
  • 1/4 cup Maple Syrup
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Toothpicks


Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C). Cut the bacon strips into thirds. Roll each piece into a bite-sized circle and secure with a toothpick. Lay the bacon rolls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Brush each roll with maple syrup and top with cracked black pepper. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until crispy. Let them cool slightly before serving. 


As you usher in Canada Day 2023, consider adding a Karma Cup Judging Kit Party to your list of celebrations. It’s more than just a party; it’s a unique experience that brings friends closer, sparks intriguing discussions, and broadens your understanding of cannabis. Plus, it’s a fun and innovative way to celebrate this beloved national holiday. So, why not plan a Karma Cup Judging Kit Party and add a new dimension of joy to your Canada Day celebrations?


Where can I get a Karma Cup Judging Kit?

The Karma Cup Judging Kits can be purchased online from the official Karma Cup website.

Can a cannabis novice host a Karma Cup Judging Kit Party?

Definitely! It’s all about exploring new experiences and enjoying good company. Just remember to use it responsibly.

How many cannabis strains are included in a Karma Cup Judging Kit?

You get 7 x 1gram samples in each kit. The kit categories are:

  • Indica Bud
  • Sativa Bud
  • Hybrid Bud
  • Pre-roll
How does the judging process work with a Karma Cup Judging Kit?

The kit comes with detailed guidelines and scorecards to facilitate the judging process. Each strain should be evaluated separately based on criteria like aroma, flavor, and effects.

Read more here

Can I host a Karma Cup Judging Kit party virtually?

Absolutely! You can share the experience with your friends online, making it a fun and safe way to socialize.

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