Brand Profile

Alberta Bud

Authentic, Resilient, Quality, Independent, Rooted.


Strain: 24K Gold

Category: Hybrid

Color: White

THC: 24.79%

CBD: 0.07%


Strain: Slurface

Category: Sativa


THC: 25.13%

CBD: <0.10%


IG: @alberta.bud.official




Activity: Working in the garden

Album: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Food: Strawberries


24K Gold:

Activity: Chilling in the garden

Album: MGMT – Little Dark Age

Food: Cashews



Born from the resilient spirit of Alberta, Alberta Bud transcends the ordinary, presenting a cannabis experience deeply rooted in authenticity and independence.


The Brand Story

The Genesis: 

 Founded by CEO/Master Grower Tim Mallett in 2019, Alberta Bud was created to evolve into a beacon of quality and excellence in the world of cannabis. One of the country’s first micro grower/processors licensed in 2020, AB has steadfastly embraced its roots through the ongoing headwinds in the cannabis industry.


The Journey: 

 The road has been filled with challenge and joy alike. The onset of COVID-19, just two months into the facility’s construction, led to panic-driven supply buying in order to be assured of finishing the job. Fragmented and anachronistic distribution systems create many barriers to selling a good crop. But nothing beats the gratification of a great run and sharing the harvest with weed-lovers across Canada


The Present: 

 Alberta Bud’s unique strains have found homes beyond just Alberta, gracing shelves in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and starting this September in Ontario with 2 new products:


Fruit for Dessert Pre-Roll Variety Pack – 3.5g

Containing 5 pre-rolls:

2x 1g pre-rolls: One of each, 24K Gold and Slurface

1x .5g pre-roll of the strawberry-fruity delight, Slurface

2x .5g pre-rolls of tangie-orange 24k Gold goodness


Cool n Calm 1:1 Full Spectrum Topical


Loved by professional athletes and senior citizens alike!


The Future: 

 With new strains, new products, and new partnerships in the pipeline for 2023 and 2024, expect to see a lot more from Alberta Bud over the coming years!


The Product for Competition

Selection Reasoning: 

 Having tasted victory in other competitions, Tim, driven by a sense of community and a strategic marketing vision, entered the Karma Cup. 24KGold and Slurface are two of his best strains. It seemed like a natural fit to include these two very flavourful strains in a fruit themed pre-roll offering.


Category Placement: 

 24K Gold hybrid is an interesting surprise, the Kosher Kush high and the Tangie flavor are a wonderful mix.  Slurface is a beautiful fruity-strawberry sativa leaning strain


Product Uniqueness: 

 The strains, 24K Gold and Slurface, were chosen not just for their high THC content but for their distinct aroma, taste, and high. They represent Tim’s belief that cannabis is more than just numbers.


Master Grower Interview

The Genetics: 

 Two stand-out strains: the tangie citrus 24K Gold (Tangie x Kosher Kush) and the strawberry candy Slurface (Slurricane x Skittlewood).


The Growing Techniques and Equipment: 

 AB grows indoors in a 6,000 sq ft warehouse located in Edmonton, utilizing a double level hydroponic dripper irrigation system in coco coir under LED lights


Curing and Post-Harvest Processing: 

 Each crop is hang dried for 10-14 days then hand or machine trimmed (depending on the product) then cured for 3-6 weeks


Packaging and Branding: 

 Embracing its philosophy of “Grow to the Light,” each product, including the upcoming ‘Fruit for Desert Pre-Roll Pack,’ promises distinct flavour and character



 Alberta Bud isn’t just a brand—it’s a testament to the resilience, pride, and independent spirit of cannabis cultivation. Its commitment to quality and character over mere numbers sets it apart, promising an experience that’s authentic to its roots





Activity: Working in the garden

Album: Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Food: Strawberries


24K Gold:

Activity: Chilling in the garden

Album: MGMT – Little Dark Age

Food: Cashews

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