Brand Profile

CALI / 1Spliff

Dedication to Cultivation Ensures Consistent Quality



Strain: Mmmosa Evo

Category: Sativa

Color: White

THC: 24.36%

CBD: <0.1%


Strain: Pink Lemonade

Category: Pre-Roll

Color: Black

THC: 22.36%

CBD: <0.1%




IG: @1spliffca

Web: 1Spliff



Mmmosa Evo

Music: Bob Marley or Coolie Buddz

Activity: Creative Brainstorming

Munchies: Crispy fried chicken, fluffy mashed potatoes, and seasoned veggies


Pink Lemonade

Music: Afro Beats 

Activities: An uplifting concert

Munchies: Jerk Chicken


Hailing from the GTA, SESS Holdings has ardently embarked on a mission to revolutionize the Canadian cannabis industry. Under the spotlight, we present their brands – CALI and 1SPLIFF – which echo the passion, craft, and authenticity they’ve lovingly infused in every leaf and bud.


The Brand Story

The Genesis

SESS Holdings sprouted from the vision of two enthusiasts, Omar Ali and Wahid Ali. Their desire? To sculpt the finest cannabis, redefining the experience attached to it. Their journey birthed brands like CALI and 1SPLIFF – testaments to craft and authenticity. CALI and 1Spliff stand firmly on authenticity, cultivating all their cannabis in-house, in stark contrast to many brands that compromise consistency by repackaging externally sourced strains as their own.


The Journey

Since its inception, SESS Holdings has braved the challenges of expansion, recently setting up an impressive 80,000 sq foot facility while maintaining the essence of craft production. Their recognition as a top 5 strain during the COVID era and earning the esteemed title of Designated Craft Producer by the provinces further etched its mark of excellence.


The Present

Today, SESS Holdings, through its brands, continues to push the boundaries by offering strains grown with utmost care, hand-trimmed, cold cured, and passionately bottled, ensuring every bud is QC’d to perfection. All product is proudly grown and packaged in-house to ensure consistent quality. Their current cultivation space is located in a 45,000 sq ft facility, SESS boasts an annual production of 7,000 Kg.  The very exciting news is that SESS in the process of expanding into new 80,000 sq ft site. They stand tall in the industry, having been voted among the top 5 strains during the pandemic and achieving the ‘Designated Craft’ status.


The Future

While the Canadian cannabis horizon may seem cloudy, SESS, with its brands CALI and 1SPLIFF, is all set to usher in the dawn. They are not just another brand in the market; they are an experience!


The Product for Competition

Selection Reasoning

MMMOSA Evo is more than just cannabis – it’s brunch in a bud. This strain was curated because of its unparalleled aroma and flavor profile, reminiscent of fresh orange zest coupled with an effervescent champagne zing.


Category Placement

Sativa, capturing the essence of an invigorating and uplifting experience.


Product Uniqueness

This particular pheno of MMMOSA, cultivated over four rigorous years, remains unmatched worldwide. Its consistency in aroma and flavor, combined with its sell-out history, highlights its unparalleled appeal.


Master Grower Interview

The Genetics: Sourced from Barney’s Farms, the MMMOSA Evo is a genuine S1, holding true to the original clone without deviation.


The Growing Techniques and Equipment

Omar Ali, with a decade of cultivation experience, utilizes LED lighting in a four-level hydro setup. Coupled with hand-trimming and hang drying techniques.


Curing and Post-Harvest Processing

The secret sauce? Jazz, the Master Curer. With his decades of experience and a nose that misses nothing, the cannabis is cured in barrels and “burped” daily. It’s not just about drying; it’s an art.


Packaging and Branding

Embodying the ethos of the brand, every bud is hand-trimmed and packaged, preserving the impeccable quality that SESS Holdings is renowned for.




SESS Holdings, through CALI and 1Spliff, are committed to quality, and passionate about the cannabis industry. From its roots in Toronto to its unmatched strains, the company remains grounded in its mission to offer unparalleled cannabis experiences. While others buy their cannabis, SESS cultivates. And that’s the difference! In a world of countless choices, SESS Holdings stands out not merely for its premium quality but for its genuine love for the craft. It’s more than just cannabis; it’s a legacy in the making.




Mmmoda Evo

Music: Bob Marley or Coolie Buddz 

Activity: Creative Brainstorming

Munchies: Crispy fried chicken, fluffy mashed potatoes, and seasoned veggies


Pink Lemonade

Music: Afro Beats 

Activities: An uplifting concert

Munchies: Jerk Chicken

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