Brand Profile

Green Joÿ

Accessible Premium Cannabis


Strain: Grape Galena

Category: Hybrid 

Color: Green

THC: 30.61%

CBD: 0.06%


IG: @greenjoyinc


Grape Galena and….


Music: Alt – J

Activity: Netflix and Chill

Munchies: Chocolate covered almonds



Established by Vincent St-Arnaud, a man with a passion for cannabis, Betralif brings together a unique blend of experience, passion, and expertise. The brand Green Joÿ is their flagship line, representing a premium yet accessible range of products with a focus on flowers and pre-rolls.


The Brand Story


The Genesis

The journey started when founder Vincent, inspired by witnessing the use of CBD-based indigenous medicine in the Amazon, dedicated his career to the cannabis industry. He teamed up with Ryan, an expert in logistics and supply chain management with experience in the international division of Canopy, another major player in the industry.


The Journey

Through years of dedication and effort, Vincent and his uncle Marc St-Arnaud raised capital to build the Betralif facility, keeping their feet on the ground with a goal of building a real, profitable business rather than chasing unrealistic dreams. This strategy proved successful, with Betralif standing as a profitable entity today.


The Present

Betralif now operates an over 11,000-square-foot facility and is in the process of expansion. The company’s main focus is on growing their premium brand, Green Joÿ, while slowly moving out of wholesale. Betralif also has an active role in exporting high-quality cannabis internationally.


The Future

Looking ahead, the team at Betralif aims to continually develop Green Joÿ and reach more consumers with their premium products. They also aim to extend their product line to the retail market under the Green Joy brand.


The Product for Competition


Selection Reasoning

Grape Galena was encouraged for entry into the Karma Cup by WeedMe, a significant customer of Betralif. Known for its average THC level of 30%, this strain distinguishes itself with its beautiful purple buds, delectable aroma, and flavor.


Category Placement

Green Joÿ’s Grape Galena is competing in the flower segment of the competition, where its unique features and superior quality are sure to attract attention.

Product Uniqueness: This strain is unique because of its mouthwatering taste and the high it offers. The enticing smell is translated directly into its taste, making it a truly special plant.


Master Grower Interview

The Genetics

Grape Galena was introduced into the facility at the time they received their license. Its mouthwatering taste, enticing smell, aroma that translates to taste, and amazing high make it a unique and highly sought-after cultivar. Grape Galena is an extremely loud strain that fill the room with its intoxicating aroma.


The Growing Techniques and Equipment

Betralif uses all indoor cultivation with LED lighting. They create their own fertilizer salts and grow their plants in small, soilless pots.


Curing and Post-Harvest Processing

The harvested plants are hung dry for 14-16 days, followed by approximately 2 weeks of curing in large barrels. They then hand trim the buds and store them in bulk 1kg packages.


Packaging and Branding

The brand Green Joÿ is all about fun, love, and delivering joy to its consumers, one bud at a time.



Betralif’s success is built on a combination of quality products, dedication, and an unwavering passion for cannabis. Their Green Joÿ brand stands as a testament to their commitment to providing premium, yet accessible, products for those who appreciate the integrity and fun that cannabis can bring.



Music: Alt – J

Activity: Netflix and Chill

Munchies: Chocolate covered almonds

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