Brand Profile

Greenseal Cannabis

Vertical hydroponic grow, premium and approchable cannabis


Strain: Cookie Cake

Category: Pre-Roll

Color: White

THC: 32.82%

CBD: 0.07%




Cookie Cake  and….


Candyman by Sammie Davis Jr.




Cookies and Cake


Step into the verdant heart of Stratford, ON. Meet GreenSeal Cannabis Co. Inc., aka GreenSeal. Birthed from the collective passion of Corey, Peter, and Chad, GreenSeal’s only mission? Grow the world’s most exquisite cannabis. For those who treasure exceptional cannabis, GreenSeal is your match made in heaven.


The Brand Story

The Genesis 

It began with three maestros: Corey, Peter, and Chad. With the universe aligning in 2018, GreenSeal was granted its LP license. 

The Journey 

From facing industry roller-coasters to seeing Master Grower Chad Morphy grab the title of Canada’s Top Grower 2019 (cheers, Grow Opportunity Magazine), the voyage has been as exciting as skydiving. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating.


The Present 

Boasting an indoor wonderland sprawling over 25,000 sq ft and producing a whopping 3000 kg annually, GreenSeal is the epitome of high-quality cannabis that doesn’t punch holes in your pocket. Well, you get what I mean.


The Future

So, where is the Canadian cannabis scene heading? Quality at an unbeatable price. GreenSeal promises to be the torchbearer of this vision.


The Product for Competition

Selection Reasoning  

The “Cookie Cake” cultivar. Why? Its symphony of flavors, transcendent effects, and an immersive experience. Ah, heavenly!


Category Placement  

THC content of 33%, CBD below 1%, and terpenes galore at 2.60%.


Product Uniqueness  

It’s all about the preroll! That pristine appearance, the tantalizing flavor, the journey while smoking, and those utterly satisfying effects.


Master Grower Interview

The Genetics  

All hail the GreenSeal Nursery! The home of the delicious and satisfying “Cookie Cake.”


The Growing Techniques and Equipment  

With 30 years under his belt, Chad, the Greenseal Cannabis grow guru, embraces a futuristic vertical grow approach with six levels, all hydroponic. The LED lights kiss the plants just right.


Curing and Post-Harvest Processing  

Ritualistic hang drying and then a trim so precise, it’s like each bud gets its bespoke suit.




Dream of the finest preroll? One that looks divine, smokes like a dream, and gives you an experience worthy of legends? That’s GreenSeal for you! They’re here at the Karma Cup, not just to win, but to etch their name into your memory. Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be an unforgettable ride.




Groove to “Candyman” by Sammie Davis Jr. The rhythms, the highs, the lows… pure harmony with every puff!


Skydiving. Yup, soar through the skies, feel the thrill! Every moment becomes exciting with “Cookie Cake” by your side.


Cookies and Cake.

Join Us at The Karma Cup Brand Sesh & Awards

Date: Monday, September 18

Time: 4-9PM

Location: Venue Released Sunday Sept 17 – Near Dupont St. & Ossington St. in the west end of Toronto.

Tickets: Early Bird Tickets Now Available

Join some of your favorite brands to sesh, and crown the 2023 Karma Cup winners.