Brand Profile

MTL Cannabis

Innovation, Quality, and Collaborative Growth


Strain: Apple Fritter

Category: Hybrid

Color: Red

THC: 28.27%

CBD: 0.05%


IG: @mtl_grown


Apple Fritter and….

Activity: Being Active: Out on the Kayak, 5k Jog

Music: 70’s Rock – Led Zepplin 

Snacks: $30 at McDonalds and $20 at Cake & Ice Cream Store



MTL Cannabis, a prominent name in the Canadian cannabis industry, stands out for its dedication to quality, innovation, and collaboration. With a rich history rooted in two decades of research and development, the brand has evolved from a single strain company to a powerhouse, producing 24,000 lb of cannabis annually.


The Brand Story

The Genesis: 

Founded by Rich & Mitch in the early 2000s, the brand’s roots trace back to a store where Karim, the current VP of sales, began his association with the founders. With Karim’s extensive knowledge about cannabis cultivation, spanning all mediums, fertilizers, and growing styles, the brand embarked on a journey of relentless experimentation and growth.


The Journey: 

Over the years, MTL Cannabis faced challenges like THC restrictions in Quebec and navigated through them, marking significant milestones. From starting as a single strain company with Sage n Sour to now boasting six successful cultivars and two sprawling facilities totalling 120,000 sq ft facility, the brand’s evolution is noteworthy.


The Present: 

Currently, MTL Cannabis is a force to reckon with, producing an impressive 24,000 lb of cannabis annually. The company now employs over 100 people. They’ve achieved a monthly sales figure of 1M in Quebec and have expanded their presence in all provinces except PEI. Their brand, LowKey by MTL, is making waves with its affordable line, including the Apple Fritter strain. 


The Future: 

With an eye on expansion, MTL Cannabis is set to release a new hashish in October – the West Coast Kush. They also envision their packaged flower, adorned with the MTL logo, making its mark in foreign medical markets like Germany.


The Product for Competition

Selection Reasoning: 

Apple Fritter was chosen for its standout aesthetic qualities and its distinction from high THC strains. Karim describes it as the “sexiest flower in the garden.” Not only is it an aromatic dessert strain it is also a beautiful bud that you can’t wait to bust open and roll up. 


Category Placement: 

Apple Fritter has been entered into the Hybrid category of the Karma Cup. 


Product Uniqueness: 

Being a high-yielding strain, Apple Fritter offers quality at an affordable price, making it a unique offering under the LowKey by MTL brand. Fire weed for an approachable price. 


Master Grower Interview

The Genetics: 

The Apple Fritter strain was sourced from local associates possessing a rich genetic bank.


The Growing Techniques and Equipment: 

MTL Cannabis grows in a medium of 90% perlite and 10% coco, found to be the most effective after years of testing. They employ DE HPS lighting and are integrating LED lighting for optimal growth conditions.


Curing and Post-Harvest Processing: 

The brand follows a meticulous process: a 14-day dry period, dry trim, followed by a 14-day cure, with the final product hand-packed into jars.


Packaging and Branding: 

MTL Cannabis employs a color-coded packaging system aligned with strains, simplifying the selection process for consumers.



MTL Cannabis, with its rich history, commitment to quality, and forward-looking vision, is a brand that embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration. Their entry, Apple Fritter, in the Karma Cup is a testament to their dedication to offering unique and quality products to the market. With a bright future ahead, MTL Cannabis is poised to set new benchmarks in the cannabis industry. 



Apple Fritter with…


Music: 70’s Rock – Led Zepplin 

Activity: Being Active: Out on the Kayak, 5k Jog

Munchies: $30 at McDonalds and $20 at Cake & Ice Cream Store


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