Brand Profile

Mauve et Herbes

Innovative Practices in Cannabis Cultivation and Research


Strain: Ripped Off Runtz

Category: Indica

Color: Yellow

THC: 30.36%

CBD: 0.07%


Strain: First Class Funk x Grape Gasoline

Category: Hybrid

Color: Blue

THC: 32.57%

CBD: 0.05%


Strain: Where’s My Bike

Category: Sativa

Color: Yellow

THC: 30.79%

CBD: 0.09%


Web: CANNAresearch Linktree

IG: @mauve.lp


Ripped Off Runtz and…

Activity: Board games

Music: The Doors – Break on Through

Munchies: ice cream sandwiches


First Class Funk x Grape Gasoline and…

Activity: Gaming (Apex)

Music: Fouki – Ananas Mango

Munchies: Honey and Dijon Chips


Where’s My Bike and…

Activity: Walk in the forest

Music: Jurassic 5 – What’s Golden

Munchies: Home made brownies


Mauve et Herbes, is the brainchild of William Fournier. Will’s early career began at a grow store, where he gained hands-on experience and knowledge about the intricacies of cannabis cultivation. This was a formative period for him, as he met the local CANNA rep and developed a relationship with the brand. This time laid the foundation for his understanding of the plant and its needs.  He then obtained a degree in plants production technologies and in landscape architecture. The brand is based in Quebec and is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable practices. Mauve et Herbes is not just a cannabis producer; it’s a CANNA research hub, a knowledge center of excellence, and a testament to the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing in the cannabis industry.


The Brand Story

The Genesis

The inception of Mauve et Herbes dates back to 2019 when Fournier, while working as a master grower for a licensed producer in Montreal, envisioned creating his own cannabis facility. He transformed an old horse barn into a small indoor facility on his newly purchased agricultural land on the north shore of Montreal.

The Journey

Initially intended to be a micro facility, Fournier opted for a standard license, allowing for a larger indoor facility, an hybrid greenhouse, and two outdoor fields. His partnership with CANNA Canada, a company specializing in nutrients and growing substrates, led to the development of the CANNA Canada Research & Knowledge Center.

The Present

Today, Mauve et Herbes is more than a cannabis producer. It’s a place where research is conducted, product testing is carried out, and knowledge is shared. The brand is known for its unique cannabis genetics and commitment to product development for the consumer market.

The Future

Fournier envisions the knowledge center hosting industry seminars, workshops, tours, and meetings, and potentially collaborating with universities and other license holders. He also plans to explore new and innovative practices through the brand’s highly controlled indoor environment, vertical growing system in the hybrid greenhouse, and extensive outdoor field.


The Product for Competition

Selection Reasoning

The products of Mauve et Herbes are a reflection of Fournier’s extensive experience and dedication to quality. Each product is carefully hand crafted, with a focus on sustainable practices.

Category Placement

Mauve et Herbes positions itself as a premium cannabis brand, offering products that are not only high in quality but also contribute to the advancement of the cannabis industry through research and innovation.

Product Uniqueness

The uniqueness of Mauve et Herbes products lies in their cultivation process. The brand grows based on both feeling and data, with everything done by hand, from hang drying for a minimum of two weeks to trimming, curing for a minimum of 4 weeks and bulk packaging. The human scale size of the project gives them more flexibility on the harvest date and for their strains rotation. They are not pushed by a huge machine in the background that forces them to cut the corner on timing / quality. Each strain in the competition were selected for their strong nose bag appeal and their taste. Fournier has a crush on diesel profile, the Ripped Off Runtz is a mixed of a fruity / berries and diesel. The First Class Funk x Grape Gasoline is a mixed of mint and gasoline. The Where’s my bike is a mixed of haze/citrus and subtile notes of petrol.


Master Grower Interview

The Genetics

Fournier brought in 50k seeds when he got licensed, most of which are his own breedings, along with many breeder seed packs. He pheno hunted ripped-off runtz from seed junky’s pack and where’s my bike, a cut originally a legacy cut pheno hunted from Karma Genetics seeds. Collaboration with renowned other master grower were done for the selection of these genetics.

The Growing Techniques and Equipment

Mauve et Herbes uses a combination of indoor, hybrid greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation methods. The brand also collaborates with CANNA Canada for on-field product testing and analysis for product development. Dried flowers that are on the market and also in the karmacup competition comes from the indoor and hybrid greenhouse facility. It’s grown under LEDs in CANNA Coco fibers grow bags (CocoFlex) and fertilized with CANNA Coco A+B which is design for the medium of growth.

Curing and Post-Harvest Processing

The brand prides itself on its curing and post-harvest processing methods. The plants are hang-dried for a minimum of two weeks, and all trimming and burping are done by hand to ensure the highest quality.



Mauve et Herbes is a testament to the power of passion, knowledge, and collaboration in the cannabis industry. The brand’s cutting-edge knowledge straight from CANNA, one of there makes leaders in cannabis cultivation research sets it apart in the market, making it a beacon of excellence in the cannabis industry.




Ripped Off Runtz

Activity: Board games

Music: The Doors – Break on Through

Munchies: ice cream sandwiches


First Class Funk x Grape Gasoline

Activity: Gaming (Apex)

Music: Fouki – Ananas Mango

Munchies: Honey and Dijon Chips


Where’s My Bike

Activity: Walk in the forest

Music: Jurassic 5 – What’s Golden

Munchies: Home made brownies

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