Brand Profile

Royal Cannabis Supply Co.

Craft Cannabis, Small-Batch, Fresh & Loud


Category: Indica Dominant

Color: Red

THC: 30.36%

CBD 0.07%


IG: rcsupplyco_farmgate


Ice Cream Cake and….

Activity: Chilling outside in the evening

Music: Reggaeton

Snacks: Savory Chips


Royal Cannabis Supply Co, a small-batch craft producer based in West-End Toronto, is a finalist in the Karma Cup competition. Notable for its “legacy to legal” philosophy and commitment to bringing street strains to the legal market, Royal Cannabis Supply Co offers its premium products at its farm gate store – Royal Cannabis Supply (RC Supply), as well as in retail in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.


The Brand Story

The Genesis:

With a passion for cannabis and a vision to transform the legacy market, Royal Cannabis Supply Co was founded. The company prides itself on growing small batch craft cannabis and delivering hand-packed bags of quality products, aiming to dominate the 7g category while offering to customers this premium whole flower in a 1 gram pre-roll format in both single and multi-pack form.

The Journey:

The journey has seen Royal Cannabis Supply Co evolve from a small start-up to an established name in the cannabis industry. The brand has consistently worked on developing new, exclusive strains and growing its genetics library of over 20 strains. Royal Cannabis Supply Co remains true to their core values, growing indoor in coco, using premium nutrients, no pesticides and stands proud that they do not irradiate any of the flower they grow or deliver.

The Present:

Currently, Royal Cannabis Supply Co is a celebrated CRAFT cannabis producer. Their focus is not on THC percentage but rather, the quality of sensory experience, ensuring strong aroma, flavour and fresh weed for connoisseur customers.

The Future:

Royal Cannabis Supply Co is set to release their “RC Collective”, featuring new, exclusive, up-and-coming, small-batch strains that represent their crème de la crème.


The Product for Competition

Selection Reasoning:

Royal Cannabis Supply Co has chosen the Ice Cream Cake strain, known as ICC, for the competition due to its connoisseur appeal. It is their signature strain, known for its beautiful aesthetics, strong effects, loud aroma and popularity among consumers. This strain delivers a premium experience for consumers looking for a relaxing, calming, and happy high, with moderate indica effects.

Category Placement:

This product fits into the indica category.

Product Uniqueness:

What sets this product apart is its quality and strong sensory experience, resulting from meticulous care and daily attention to maintain the optimum moisture level.


Master Grower Interview

The Genetics:

Alex, a grower with 11 years of experience, explained to us more about the Royal Cannabis Supply Co cultivation program.

The Growing Techniques and Equipment:

Using the best equipment, including LED lights, and maintaining controlled 700 sqft rooms, Medz practices monocrop growth and uses hydro with fertilizer salts. Their SOPs enable consistency in production.

Curing and Post-Harvest Processing:

Post-harvest, the cannabis is hang-dried and cured for 30 days with daily attention to achieve the proper moisture level. Following cure the product is then hand bucked and hand-trimmed while undergoing a bud-size separation process. Bags are chosen over jars for packing to retain freshness and ensure optimum moisture content.

Packaging and Branding:

Packaging is user-friendly, with a quality seal that can be resealed for maintaining optimum moisture content. Their branding aligns with their dedication to quality and the connoisseur market.



Royal Cannabis Supply Co, a champion of quality in all aspects, is a proud competitor in the Karma Cup competition. They are excited for the upcoming awards and brand sesh Sept 18.

Join Us at The Karma Cup Brand Sesh & Awards

Date: Monday, September 18

Time: 4-9PM

Location: Venue Released Sunday Sept 17 – Near Dupont St. & Ossington St. in the west end of Toronto.

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