Brand Profile

Simply Bare Organic

Organic cannabis excellence from British Columbia


Strain: BC Organic High Society

Category: Indica

Color: Orange

THC: 27.1%

CBD: 0.07%


IG: @simplybarecom


BC Organic High Society and….

Activity: Evening stroll around sunset 

Music: Pineapple Express

Snacks: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Half Baked Flavor



Simply Bare Organic, headquartered in Delta, British Columbia, is a testament to the art of organic cannabis cultivation. With a commitment to bringing the utmost unique genetics to the market, the brand stands as a beacon of quality, sustainability, and respect for the craft of cannabis cultivation.



The Brand Story


The Genesis:  

Founded on the principles of respecting cannabis and traditional cultivation methods, Simply Bare Organic emerged with a vision to produce the purest, most sustainable cannabis in Canada. Their commitment to organic processes led them to be recognized as Organic Certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA).

 The Journey:  

Over the years, Simply Bare Organic has harnessed the power of nature, replicating the BC temperate rainforest in their pots. Their unique blend of hand-mixed living soil, sourced from the BC landscape, has been pivotal in achieving high terpene levels and rich flavors. 

The Present:  

Today, Simply Bare Organic is hard at work in their greenhouse, testing new and unique genetics to bring to the legal market. With a team of approximately 100 individuals at their growing facility, they meticulously oversee every step of the cultivation process, from nurturing the plants to packaging the final product.

 The Future:  

Always innovating, Simply Bare is committed to refining the art of growing. With continuous experiments and a focus on introducing fresh and exciting products, the brand aims to further educate consumers about the nuances of cannabis, emphasizing the importance of terpenes and the value of premium quality.



3. The Product for Competition – High Society

Selection Reasoning:  

High Society was chosen for its impressive indica effects, representing the brand’s commitment to delivering premium cannabis experiences. Launched in January 2023, this strain is one of their seasonal rotating selections. 

 Category Placement:  

Entered in the Indica category, High Society showcases the brand’s expertise in cultivating strains with intense aroma and flavour and profound stoned effects.

 Product Uniqueness:  

Available under the “selects” brand and rotated every three months, High Society stands out for its unique cultivation process, which involves growing in living soil that mimics the BC temperate rainforest, ensuring high terpene levels and unmatched flavors.


 Master Grower Interview

The Genetics:  

With a stash of over 50 varietals, the team has spent decades understanding the nuances of each cultivar, ensuring that each strain, including High Society, reaches its maximum potential.

The Growing Techniques and Equipment:  

Harnessing the power of the BC sun, Simply Bare utilizes a dutch-venlo hybrid greenhouse, supplemented with LED lighting. Their commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in their efficient use of BC hydro power.

Curing and Post-Harvest Processing:  

Every bud is hang-dried in a controlled environment for 14 days, preserving its aroma and THC potency. This slow curing process ensures the cannabis retains its rich aroma and potency. 

Packaging and Branding:  

Prioritizing sustainability, Simply Bare Organic packages its products in recyclable glass jars, air-sealed for freshness. Their dedication to transparency is evident in their provision of batch notes and COAs for every batch on their website.



 Simply Bare Organic is more than just a cannabis brand; it’s a commitment to quality, sustainability, and respect for the craft. Their dedication to organic cultivation, environmental stewardship, and consumer education sets them apart in the industry. As they continue to innovate and grow, Simply Bare remains a brand to watch, exemplifying the best of what Canadian cannabis has to offer.




BC Organic High Society with…


Movie: Pineapple Express

Activity: Evening stroll around sunset 

Munchies: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Half Baked Flavor

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