Brand Profile

Sublime Culture

Where Quality Meets Passion


Strain: Gelato 33

Category: Hybrid

Color: Black

THC: 23.35%

CBD: 0.05%


IG: @sublimecultureinc


Gelato 33  and….

Activity: Enjoying a relaxing summer vacation or working in the cannabis garden

Music: System of the Down

Snacks: Chinese food


Located in the heart of Laval, Quebec, SublimeCulture Inc is lighting up the cannabis industry with its distinctive approach and loud strains.


The Brand Story

The Genesis: 

Founded by Tibor Antal & Zach Tietolman, SublimeCulture had a single vision: to pioneer innovative products and change the way cannabis is perceived.


The Journey:      

After taking over a licensed facility from the public markets, SublimeCulture rejuvenated its future. They introduced strains that were new to the Canadian scene, breaking misconceptions and challenging norms.


The Present: 

Despite the challenges of Health Canada regulations, the brand stands out with its distinctive strains and an operational approach that’s deeply influenced by real cannabis enthusiasts.


The Future:      

Depending on regulatory shifts, they anticipate a market richly populated by craft growers with open distribution channels.


The Product for Competition

Selection Reasoning:      

Gelato 33 was selected because, quite frankly, that’s what they were growing at the time.


Category Placement: 



Product Uniqueness:  

This strain stands out due to its meticulous growing, drying, and curing processes. Its high terpene content, coupled with a potent kick, makes it remarkable.


Master Grower Interview

The Genetics: 

The Gelato 33’s cultivar traces back to a cutting sourced from the legacy market.


The Growing Techniques and Equipment:   

Under the expertise of Zach Tietolman and Ryan Sarena (Head Grower), the plants thrive indoors under HPS lights. They grow hydroponically, are machine-trimmed with a hand finish, and are hang dried in a soilless environment.


Curing and Post-Harvest Processing:     

A 14-day drying period at 60°F/60% humidity is followed by a month-long curing process, ensuring the product retains its quality and potency.


Packaging and Branding:    

Centered around quality and consistency, every packaging resonates with the brand’s commitment to excellence.



SublimeCulture isn’t just another brand in the cannabis market; it’s an experience. Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or a curious newbie, this brand guarantees quality and consistency every time.



Activity: Enjoying a relaxing summer vacation or working in the cannabis garden

Music: System of the Down

Munchies: Chinese food

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