Brand Profile

XOPRO Cannabis

Passionate Craftsmanship, Data-Driven Quality


Strain: Black Mountainside

Category: Pre-Roll

Color: Pink

THC: 30.09%

CBD: 0.06%


IG: https: @xopro_inc


Black Mountainside and….

Activity: Food festival or Concert

Music: Led Zeppelin

Snacks: Smoked Meat Poutine


Meet XOPRO Cannabis, a model of passion, perseverance, and data-driven-quality in the ever-evolving world of cannabis. Hailing from Chateauguay, Quebec, this brand is more than just another name in the business. It is a testament to what happens when dedication meets excellence. With a deep-rooted commitment to quality, accessibility, and affordability, XOPRO is poised to become a luminary in the cannabis sector. At its core, XOPRO is dedicated, passionate, and resilient. XOPRO is primarily a B2B producer, but now the brand’s recent SKU launch in Quebec and its plans for Ontario retail expansion show its boundless potential. Being a B2B producer allows XOPRO to distribute their legacy-style cannabis to many provinces including Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. XOPRO, with its primary focus on quality, truly embodies the spirit of a “lean green growing machine.” The Karma Cup marks their debut in a cannabis competition, but given their journey, it certainly won’t be their last.


The Brand Story

The Genesis: 

XOPRO’s foundation was laid by Jean Lafortune, a CPA who saw the potential of crafting a cannabis brand that was exceptional yet accessible. The goal? High-grade cannabis for everyone. 

The Journey: Jean analogizes XOPRO to a lean “Tin-Can” style rocket ship en-route to Mars, XOPRO has all the essentials but eschews frills in favour of data-driven excellence. They combine Jean’s experience as a CPA and Ivan’s 30 years as a grower to operate a lean as possible while focusing on creating stellar cannabis at the lowest price possible for consumers. In the words of Jean “We aren’t SpaceX but we are getting to Mars anyway!”

The Present: 

Today, with vaults emptied and a spot in the Pre-roll category finals of the Karma Cup, the brand is more than just surviving; it’s soaring. A feather in their cap, the introduction of the XOPRO branded SKU at the SQDC, signifies the brand’s growing stature in the marketplace.

The Future: 

With visions of expanding to retail in Ontario and doubling their canopy space, the brand’s future looks green and gleaming.


The Product for Competition

Selection Reasoning: 

Black Mountain Side, a cultivar with an astounding THC content ranging from 27% to 35%, and an intoxicating aroma and flavor profile, was an obvious choice for the Karma Cup.

Category Placement: 

Pre-roll Category.

Product Uniqueness: 

Beyond the high THC content, it’s the symphony of gassy aroma and unmatched flavor that sets Black Mountain Side apart. The intricate blend of terpenes ensures a memorable experience for every user.


Master Grower Interview

The Genetics: 

A cultivar named Black Mountain Side with somewhat mystical origins, the exact genetics remain an enigma.

The Growing Techniques and Equipment: Under the seasoned hands of Master Grower Ivan Okhikian (30 years growing), the plant flourishes using data-driven precision techniques in hydro with a combination of double-ended HPS and LED lighting.

Curing and Post-Harvest Processing: XOPRO believes in perfection at every step. The flowers are hang-dried, meticulously cured under controlled conditions, and finally hand-manicured by an expert team.

Packaging and Branding: With a nod to minimalist aesthetics and maximum functionality, XOPRO ensures its packaging mirrors its brand – exceptional and efficient.



XOPRO Cannabis is more than just a cannabis brand; it’s a promise of unparalleled quality, consistency, and experience. The brand’s entry into the Karma Cup isn’t just about competition; it’s about showcasing the dedication and passion that goes behind every bud they produce.



Album: The deep notes of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 debut album, especially the hit ‘Black Mountain Side,’ would complement the highs of the cultivar of the same name.

Activity: Head to a local food festival or let loose at a concert.

Munchies: The rich flavors of a smoked meat Poutine, a Quebec delicacy, would be a heavenly match to the herb’s aromatic symphony.

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