Brand Profile

Castle Rock Farms

Castle Rock Farms, a family-owned and operated cannabis producer, is located in the picturesque Okanagan-Similkameen Valley of Princeton, BC. As a finalist in the Karma Cup 2024, Castle Rock Farms exemplifies excellence in cannabis cultivation and processing.

Castle Rock Farms is deeply committed to unravelling the magic and untapped potential which cannabis products have to offer.

BC Green is the parent company of Castle Rock Farms. Their team comprises sophisticated cannabis enthusiasts, led by master grower Leigh Grant. With a canopy size of 30,000 square feet, all plants at Castle Rock Farms grow in rockwool (spun rock) using a drip irrigation system. The feed is custom-made in-house to match cultivar-specific formulations.

Castle Rock Farms hand-harvests, hand-trims, and hang-dries their plants to ensure optimal curing, moisture retention, and preservation of quality aromas and flavors. Their 14-day dry process and hand trim, combined with the use of Gavita HPS and Fluence LED lighting, enable the production of superior cannabis products.

The facility at Castle Rock Farms is completely biosecure, and they use 100% natural pest control methods without chemicals or residues. They do not use pesticides or irradiate their products, ensuring that only the highest quality cannabis reaches consumers.

Castle Rock Farms takes great pride in providing consumers with the best quality products on the market. Their passion for the evolving cannabis industry drives them to maintain the highest standards in cultivation and processing.