Brand Profile

Grass Monkeys Craft Cannabis

Grass Monkeys Craft Cannabis is a small craft brand dedicated to producing premium products at an accessible price. The brand employs a meticulous approach to cultivation, with hand trimming and hang drying processes, and a strict no-irradiation policy to ensure the highest quality.

Guy Giroux, the master grower, has designed a proprietary and confidential indoor hydroponics growing system. This system is based on cultivar-specific environmental control parameters and nutrient delivery programs. Guy is committed to continual adaptation and adjustment in the pursuit of perfection.

The recent redesign of their grow rooms has increased capacity to 650 plants per room, with an ultimate goal of achieving 50kg per harvest. Lennie Williams, the Facility Operations Manager, works diligently to bring Guy’s innovative ideas to fruition. Lennie is an experienced grower and medical cannabis consumer, whose expertise and management skills have made him an invaluable mentor to the team.

Grass Monkeys Craft Cannabis is dedicated to growing only the cleanest, greenest buds, driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to quality.