Brand Profile

Green Joÿ

Green Joÿ is a licensed recreational cannabis brand operating in Canada’s adult-use market and is a finalist in the Karma Cup, the country’s longest-running cannabis competition. The brand differentiates itself by prioritizing high terpene content while maintaining strong potency levels, appealing to discerning users and those seeking premium quality at competitive prices. The flowering space is a 4500 square foot indoor facility where cultivation is done using coco coir as a medium under LED lighting from Helio Spectra.

The production process includes a 14-day hang dry followed by a barrel cure lasting 14-21 days, with all products being hand-trimmed to maintain quality. Green Joÿ holds a CRAFT designation and adheres to Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP), emphasizing its commitment to quality and sustainable practices. Vincent St-Arnaud, the master grower, leads the cultivation efforts, utilizing CANNA nutrients to enhance plant growth and potency.

This approach not only ensures a product that meets high standards but also aligns with the expectations of their target market, comprising of cannabis connoisseurs and those appreciating refined cannabis experiences.