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2023 Awards Gala




2023 Awards Gala:

Meet Our Brands

Date: Monday, September 18th, 2023  

Time: 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM  

Event: The 10th Annual Karma Cup Awards Gala 


Event Highlights:

 1. Meet the Brands: Get to know the finest names in cannabis. Dive deep into their stories, values, and what makes them the best in the industry. 

2. Winner Announcements: Who will take the crown? Experience the excitement as we unveil this year’s top champions in various categories. From first to third, every victor has a story worth celebrating.

3. Award Presentation: Witness the glorious moment as the champions step into the limelight to receive their well-earned awards.

4. Engage with the Winners: After the ceremony, seize the opportunity to meet and mingle with the winners. Dive deeper into their success stories, share in their joy, and get a firsthand look at the strains and products that set them apart.

5. Discover What’s Next: The world of cannabis is always evolving. Get a sneak peek into what’s next for our leading brands.

6. Savor & Relish: As a consumption event, prepare yourself for an evening filled with the finest cannabis the industry has to offer. Delight in the sensorial journey, understanding what truly makes a winner.

Come for the awards, stay for the experience. Engage, Enrich, Elevate. Your evening with the best in cannabis awaits! 🔥🏆🌿


We’re thrilled to announce the release of our carefully curated selection for the Karma Cup. Handpicked to delight your senses, our kit offers a journey through the world of cannabis, featuring a diverse range of top-tier products that have made their mark in the industry. Discover what sets the contenders apart as you dive into a unique sensory experience. It’s not just about selecting the winners; it’s about appreciating the artistry and expertise that goes into every leaf. Let the journey of exploration and the joy of discovery begin!

Carrying The Torch:

Legacy To Legal

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