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Canada’s Longest Running Cannabis Cup, The Karma Cup, Just Became the World’s First Government Endorsed Weed Competition.

For it’s 10th anniversary, Karma Cup announces it’s letting Ontario customers decide who has the best weed in Canada

ONTARIO, Canada –Monday, May 8th, 2023 – The Karma Cup, Canada’s long running cannabis competition, is thrilled to announce its official arrival in Ontario’s recreational cannabis market this month, after 10 years in the legacy market. The launch marks the first time in Ontario that anyone over the age of 19 will have the opportunity to legally judge a cannabis cup. 

Over the last ten seasons, The Karma Cup has been a cornerstone of the cannabis community, providing a platform for exceptional cannabis brands and growers to rise to the top. As the first all-consumer decided cannabis cup, the competition aims to give cannabis consumers a voice in determining which legal products are truly worthy of the Karma Cup title. 

“By offering these unique Judging Kits through the Ontario Cannabis Store, The Karma Cup is giving consumers the chance to take part in an unbiased competition that focuses on quality,” says Sarah Sunday founder of The Karma Cup “We’re extremely proud of the positive impact our event has had on the community and are excited to continue our legacy in the recreational market. The Karma Cup’s mission of celebrating and promoting cannabis culture is more vital than ever.”

The Karma Cup Judging kits will be available for Ontarians starting this week. The categories for the 10th annual Karma Cup Judges Kit are Indica Bud, Sativa Bud, Hybrid Bud, and Pre-roll.  Each kit will feature four cannabis judging kits to be sold at licensed dispensaries across Ontario. 

In addition to the competition, The Karma Cup is launching an Ambassador Program called the “Karma Crew” to help spread the word about the importance of cannabis cups to the community.  This initiative will provide passionate cannabis enthusiasts with the tools and resources needed to properly assess what makes “good cannabis”.  By engaging the wider community, The Karma Cup aims to highlight the importance of cannabis appreciation and knowledge in the recreational market.

For more information about The Karma Cup, the Judging Kits, or to join the Karma Crew Ambassador Program, please visit the official website at [website URL] or follow The Karma Cup on social media at @thekarmacupcanada, @thekarmacupcanadabackup, and @otherpeoplespot.

About The Karma Cup

The Karma Cup is an annual cannabis competition that celebrates and rewards the finest cannabis products in the industry. Founded by Sarah Sunday, The Karma Cup focuses on supporting quality cannabis producers and providing a platform for exceptional brands to rise to the top. As the first all-consumer decided cannabis cup in Ontario, The Karma Cup aims to provide a fair and transparent competition that showcases the best products in the market.


For more information contact:  Amy Weinstein amy@otherpeoplespot.com  647-999-0251

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